Dream Theory

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Estonian Witches' Association (EWA) is a witchcraft science institution including a number of research institutes, 3 universities, several Witchcraft Temples and practice facilities. EWA operates in its own interests and aims, but occasionally shares some of its knowledge with the public for the benefit of all. The following article is an example of EWA witchcraft popular science.


Many countless eternities ago one witch of distant past sustained his life force to the degree that the image of this now visible world could not erase him. Being an entity made entirely out of forces and having never even had organic life in him he subsists even now and is providing dream doctrine for those whose path leads them to the starting point of DREAM THEORY.

In the initiating phase a dreaming adept arrives at a confirming attitude toward the existence of a far mightier being than himself and learns to trust his guidance and pledges himself to his teachings. To this Christianity has constructed an unsurpassable obstacle having taught worldwide that whatever should speak to one outside the framework of the Church is the devil and to receive guidance in this manner is the Dark Force that leads to perdition. However, in the light of witchcraft experience and witchcraft being the Old Religion of mankind, the truth is just the opposite. It is proven that true witchcraft initiates find their way to good worlds and the modern spiritualities go into darkness, having found no one to contact in the afterlife worlds.

Modern religions totally lack any knowledge concerning the other worlds having over several millenia developed no path to go there. Furthermore, Christianity in particular in its aggregate has accumulated no uniform knowledge of continuation of life after death that they trust, since they say that there is nothing that could prove that. For them there is no proof of the existence of other worlds either. It is wrong to subject Cosmic Reality to matters of belief. Witchcraft being the path of knowledge considers faith facts as foundation of life unacceptable because a person's life is of supreme value. Therefore witchcraft receives its knowledge from an archaic personality called 'the Tenant'.

In the 10th century AD a famous scholar Ioannis Italus compiled a sourcebook of old dream symbols, as he called them, considering the Greek word 'symbolon' a perfect manifestation of how a dream picture is formed. 'Syn' and 'ballo' that comprise this word meaning 'to throw together' are a manifestation of an unknown force, he says, that holds together because of the unifying meaning given to a living being by the Holy Ghost. 'Symbolon' is the opposite force of 'diabolos' which is known by its activity of 'scattering away' being a 'throwing away' figure for those whom their dream symbol meaning no longer holds together. Therefore, in ancient Byzantium dream studies were conducted incessantly.

People in the 10th century Byzantium had more than 100 different dream dictionaries to consult since it was clear that one man's symbolic force is incapable of producing the dream world picture of the nation. There were millions of dreamers of the Roman Empire in action, who in turn had received their dream world picture from older Roman Empires back to their ancestors in the Atlantis of distant past. Ultimately the dream world was held together by Emperorum Romanum, Emperor of the Romans, who by His Presence granted this dream picture coherence, being a man anoined by God and carrying God's Power on Him, and protected it against the Diavolos who scatters and dissolves.

At the end of the 10th century a catastrophy took place in the Levant that made the inhabitants of the region more susceptible to distant voices of sublimnal realm – a massive earthquake in the Bosporus. The subliminal voices suggested that independence from imperial power would grant a person eventually limitless peronal powers and that the Emperor's aura called the Presence is comprised by unification of the citizen's intent instead of a mysterious anonting by God. Thus the Sun quality of the Imperia became gradually negelected and was completely lost by the end of the 11th century. All of a sudden there was nothing to shed light on the content of the complex dream world of the mighty men of old and it faded far into the background and fell into oblivion. With the beginning of the construction of a new dream picture for the new world also the visible world was thrown into Chaos. The Dream Chaos was at that time almost uniformly considered as a premonition of the Dawn Of Freedom, and it seemed to the people that they are at the liberty to decide what they encounter or perform in their dreams, deciding arbitrarily on the meaning of the symbols. More importantly, they decided whether they need to see the dream world or not.

In the end of the 10th century the Western world sincerely counted on the fulfillment of the prophesies of the Book Of Revelation, having taken into account all tribulations that had already befallen the world. Little did they know that unlike numerous other Christian figures, Joannis of Patmos did in fact exist. This great visionary of the 2nd century was not simply a prophet but also a witch of Old Lineage who was a master of the art of dreaming. In the end, his superior knowledge of the future of the world has surpassed all prophets, even Nostradamus, and his dream visions that have inspired the Christian churches throughout their history, have remained their only source of spirituality – apocalypticizm.

The Apocalyptic horsemen, angels, openings of seals and the following disasters as well as the revelation of a new world were seen in the dream world and were received by Ioannis of Patmos as the future of the world up to the present and on, because many parts of the dream vision have not yet come to pass. In addition to that, witchcraft is still continuing to elaborate on the details of this ancient cycle of dreams giving more explanation to the current events as it did also in the past to the dreaming adepts. The visions of the horsemen have resumed showing the details of the pale horse that came with Death and Hades. The dream visions of Apocalypsis from the beginning of April 2021 are showing two harnessed Black Horses pulling a cart, racing in madness through Northern Europe with the starting point in north Ukraine, moving through the Baltic States and Poland toward Germany and setting fire to the landscape. Witchcraft confirms that there will be more follow-up soon.

The last quarter of the 20th century saw a revival of dreaming practices and corresponding dream dictionaries. There are more than 150 dream dictionaries now to choose from, most of them quite contemporary. Unfortunately, the more scholarly ones with more than 60 000 entries are not available in English. This is due to the fact that dream symbol studies are conducted thoroughly only on grass-root level and are local in character. Witchcraft points out that after the removal of the Roman Emperor in 1453 from His Throne in Constantinople there is no coherent dream world picture available to be participated in by the inhabitants of this world anywhere in any country. This situation will not change before the emergence of the global Planetary World with a divinely anointed Planetary Emperor, forseen by Ioannis of Patmos, 'I saw a new heaven and a new earth'. All that is predicated by an Apocalyptic dream vision must inevitably come to pass. But for now, we may look only for common elements of simple Chaotic Dreams among the nations of the world, nations who receive their meaning from no one. In this way we may find value also in the Christian Church who has been through history the only guardian of this dream prophesy of which 'not a single iota must be removed'.

To elaborate, there is no country in the world where one while in sleep visiting his dreams is located simultaneously in a dream world country, which corresponds to his wakeful homeland. The dreams are currently taking place in the Chaos of the Waters of Mayyum, which in the Ancient World was known as the Primordial Sea, the Chaotic Waters or simply Mayyum. In the Mayyum condition the dreams are developing automatically in the direction of collapse, which is proven by the existence of nightmares where symbolless mindlessness entities are pestering the dreamer. At them once upon time the Russian writer N.Gogol in his story 'Vyy' screamed 'Otoidite ot menyia besmysleniya' (Leave from me mindlessnesses), having met in church a Mayyum creature Vyy, who was ready to take his life, or so it seemed.

Nations of this world who have been left floating in the Mayyum for more than 900 years, are now afraid for their life and therefore tear apart the wakeful world picture that their predecessors so carefully constructed through millions of years seeking dream symbols. Eventually, the outcome of this process will be the removal of multitudes of individuals from the visible picture and they will go into hiding since their meaning no longer exists in the dream world. A person's life-meaning was previously granted in sleep by the symbolic meaning of anointed ruler, which made the living being in this world visible, since everyone arrives first in the Mayyum dream world before he is projected into the wakeful world for a conditional and short existence.

In order to add more substance to one's visible existence he has to be familiar with the dream symbols of a valid Dream Dictionary. At the moment only a select few dream symbol collections follow the guidance of the Tenant when explaining the symbols. Arbitrariness became overwhelming after wakeful world science took interest in dreams, introducing psychology into symbol defining process. This makes our great grandmother's dream dictionaries far more competent than the modern ones. However, also in the old dictionaries there have been notable changes enforced by the Christian Church, which have endured into present. For example, if one sees 'God' in sleep, according to the Dictionary, he should expect 'worries and tribulation but also a peace of mind', which is contradictory enough. A modern scholar who did not know that he was dealing with Church agenda has added another complicaton there ' for a believer – enhancement of spiritual life and help from God'. Witchcraft confirms that the dream symbol of 'God' remains still undefined.

The arrival of Covid19 in the world has brought Covid dreams into the world. The Covid dreams happen to anyone, not just to those who contracted the virus or were vaccinated. The Covid is now in the world to stay. This brings again people to contemplate how dreams have evolved. It has repeatedly seemed to people in the history that dreams have their source in the activities of the wakeful state and that the dream symbols originate in things one sees or hears, etc in the daytime. For example, since it is increasingly a Covid influence that people quarrel among themselves, this also accounts for more frequent dreams where one is abandoned by his relatives or quarrels with them.Many have come to believe that since they have seen the computer image of Covid virus this is why it appears to them is sleep or they catch Covid in a dream because they know this possibility from Planet Earth life.

Carlos Castaneda's book 'The Art of Dreaming' has proven as a dreamer's compendium far too complex in the contempory age. This is mostly because Castaneda, he says, 'saw the futility of presenting clear guidelines to dream emissariless public, who in principle cannot fnd the emissary before finding the Nagual Island of coherent dreams and this is impossible for the lack of competent Dream Symbol Dictionaries'. Carlos Castaneda says that he refuses to pass his Dream Dictionary on to mankind. Witchcraft explains that a competent Dream Dictionary is of paradigmatic significance as it turns the dreamer's symbolic chaos into an ordered and explainable dream world within 5 minutes of sleep after one has read or browsed such a dictionary with great interest. Before this the dream symbols are reflections on the Chaotic Waters without any symbolic meaning.

The significance of dreaming lies in the fact that this visible world is comprised of dream world vision things and events that descend as experienced in the Mayyum to become visible as Planet Earth. The contemporary mankind is at a loss to explain what this kind of visible world is for and soon it is beyond their capacity to keep themselves safe since they have no idea what this world picture was designed to do in response to actions of the inhabitants. This situation is further aggravated by numerous erroneous interpretations of dreams that seem to predict marriage, sexual relations, intimate happiness, pregnancies, love affairs, childbirths, romantic moments, etc., when such things are seen in sleep. All similar dream visions must be discarded, if one wishes to hear the voice of the Tenant that leads him back to the good dream worlds where he eternities ago descended from. Such dream visions are without symbolic meaning. Most of them are the call of the Void, not symbols, inviting the viewer to repeat such acts on the Planet Earth, in the wakeful state, in order to turn them into Nothing. These events in sleep are harmless and meaningless being merely reflections in the Chaotic Waters, but are filled with the power of intent of the Void Creatures that encourages a directionless and lost man to imitate in this visible world what he has seen. The Void Creatures know that Planet Earth civilizations undertake to do something only if they have seen it somewhere, being imitators in nature.

In relation to this, one should bear in mind that the Christian substratum of contemporary Dream Dictionaries deals with the subjects of love and family even if in the dream world there is nothing that predicts these things of the Void. The symbolic things must always happen after they are seen, but the things of the Void are seen and imitated freely and this is how many bad things came to be in this world.

A few examples of the Christian substratum in dream symbol definitions for clarification:

To buy a belt – marriage for single ones, progeny for the married

(Witchcraft commentary: The meaning of 'to buy the belt' is unknown. The Witch Of Tartu commentary: The meaning of this symbol is too ominous to be revealed, seek competent help immediately)

Breast of a beautiful woman – fulfillment of one's wishes

Sunflowers – hopeless love

Bush in green foliage – favorable reception by a lover

Hide oneself in a bush – departure from single life

Field – pains and tribulations. Good things to those wish to get married

Alley – secret love

Shepherd – happiness for lovers. For the elderly peace of mind and consolation by good conscience

To proceed from this visible world back to where we came from one needs now a purification and redefinition of the dream world. The Witch Of Tartu will perform this procdure for those friendly toward The Witch Of Tartu and The Estonian Witches' Association. To start the procedure say 'I wish'. The duration is 30 minutes. To repeat it say again 'I wish'. You may repeat the procedure as many times as you like.